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How was it discovered to know the exact amount to use on a person to safely sedate them? You put your knowledge and creativity to the test in determining a good dissertation topic for the subject. The IARS Annual Meeting brings together a diverse, international group of passionate people, sparking new ideas through networking and interactive cutting-edge sessions. Not looking to take anyones idea just need to get my brain working on some cool research topics/problems. What are programs or certifications involved in being a certified anesthetic nurse? Let me know if anyone has any unique ideas or hot topics in anesthesia that I can research. The Journal of Anesthesia and Clinical Research publishes a wide range of articles in the discipline of anesthesiology including basic science, translational medicine, education, and clinical research to develop a unique platform for the authors and to encourage their contribution towards the field without any barriers of subscription and language. What are reasons why a person decides to study this field?

Thanks in advanced. 1. Process of becoming a certified anesthetic nurse. The effectiveness of learning anesthesia elements through different educational platforms. Nurse anesthesia practice comparison from choice of two countries.

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Here are some ideas to help inspire an original topic for your anesthesia dissertation. What are breakthroughs that have been discovered thanks to the element of anaesthesia. OR traffic and surgical site infection rates. Just for you! ), benadryl, phenergan, emend, propofol, etc. Preoperative iron treatment in anaemic patients undergoing elective total hip or knee arthroplasty: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Timing of transversus abdominis plane block and postoperative pain management, Morbidity and mortality after acute myocardial infarction after elective major noncardiac surgery, Metoprolol for prophylaxis of postoperative atrial fibrillation in cardiac surgery patients: Systematic review and meta-analysis, The value of high‐flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in treating novel coronavirus pneumonia, A single‐centre, prospective cohort study of COVID‐19 patients admitted to ICU for mechanical ventilatory support, Perioperative procalcitonin in predicting infection in children undergoing surgical procedures, Predictors of dysrhythmias with norepinephrine use in septic shock, Microvascular disease and perioperative outcomes of non-cardiac surgery, A comparison of volatile anesthesia and total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA) on outcome from cardiac surgery: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Rapid Administration of Methoxyflurane to Patients in the Emergency Department (RAMPED) Study: A randomized controlled trial of methoxyflurane vs standard care, Combined use of rotational thromboelastometry (Rotem) and platelet impedance aggregometry (Multiplate analyzer) in cyanotic and acyanotic infants and children undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass: Subgroup analysis of a randomized clinic, Endoscopic management of pediatric extubation failure in the intensive care unit, Incidence of and risk factors for perioperative or periprocedural anaphylaxis in the United States from 2005 to 2014, Epidemiology and outcomes of invasive mechanical ventilation without ICU admission in acute care hospitals in Texas: A population-based cohort study, Safety of the endotracheal tube for prolonged mechanical ventilation, Lumbar sympathetic block for intractable lower‐limb postherpetic neuralgia: Report of two cases, Bilateral erector spinae plane block for postoperative analgesia in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A systematic review and meta‐analysis of randomized controlled trials, Trends and geographic variation in acute respiratory failure and acute respiratory distress syndrome mortality in the United States, Outcomes after intensive rehabilitation for mechanically-ventilated patients: A nationwide retrospective cohort study, Effect of epidural analgesia on cancer prognosis after colon cancer resection: A single-centre cohort study in Taiwan, Comparing diazepam plus fentanyl with midazolam plus fentanyl in the moderate procedural sedation of anterior shoulder dislocations: A randomized clinical trial, Exposure to general anesthesia for cesarean delivery and odds of severe postpartum depression requiring hospitalization, General vs neuraxial anesthesia in direct anterior approach total hip arthroplasty: Effect on length of stay and early pain control, The Crisis within the Crisis: How Any Physician Can Help Stop Domestic Abuse in its Tracks, Longitudinal study of breast cancer risk markers, Statin therapy and risk of polyneuropathy in type 2 diabetes: A Danish cohort study. This gives an idea on what direction to take your idea and you may find potential sources to use along the way.

Travis SRNA (New) thanks. Create a free account to access exclusive CME content, conference listings & more. Advancing the Science of Anesthesia through Education and Research. Best practices for reducing anxiety levels in patients. © 2020 M3 USA Corporation. Monitoring consciousness during period of sedation. I have always been interested in how music affects the induction of pediatrics patients. What are benefits to practicing in the military?

Multimodal prevention for PONV. Specializes in Anesthesia. How does anesthesia affect children and are there potential side effects that may affect their development? Overview. What brain activity is occurring during this period and how does the body react? 2.

Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. The Research and Quality division is responsible for consulting on research matters, assessing current research being conducted, and targeting research topics based on trends identified by the AANA and AANA Foundation's strategic plans. Reasons a person decides to study this area of medicine and nursing. A dissertation can review ways a person can reduce stress levels before surgery. I need some ideas for research topics. Students often use dissertation papers written by other students on similar topics. Comparing effective methods of reducing stress in patients before surgery. Writing a dissertation on anesthesia related topics can be a unique venture. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Why TXA is contraindicated in colorblind patients That’s one that always puzzled me and wish I had done this as my project Positive pressure on the bag when pulling the tube (no clue why preceptors insist on this, as blowing shit on the cords from the tubes could happen) Environmental effects of inhalation agents or devices used on our end and pollution I’ll think of more if you want them. It would be great to be able to show pharmacies that don't have it on formulary and/or are stingy with Sugammadex. Students SRNA. Students often use dissertation papers written by other students on similar topics. There’s so much there to look at: zofran, decadron, scopalamine, pepcid, reglan, haldol (droperidol? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

What changes would you suggest on how to improve the process or how to make things easier? Are there differences in how it is practiced as a civilian? Research ideas for a DNP project r/t anesthesia.

wtbcrna, MSN, DNP, CRNA. Get daily anesthesiology research topics, journal summaries & news from MDLinx. Is this the one supplement everyone should be taking? Posted Jan 19, 2015.

Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia, European Journal of Clinical Investigation, International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, Annals of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Anyone have any leads?! Music therapy for pediatrics is a good one! 0 Likes. Copyright © You put your knowledge and creativity to the test in determining a good dissertation topic for the subject.

I imagine one case/OR being delayed 20-30min d/t inadequate reversal or delayed reversal (assuming it would not have happened with Sugammadex) would really tip the tables in favor of having Sugammadex available as delaying an OR would quickly be more expensive than the one ~$80-$90 vial of Sugammadex. Exparel versus Bupivicaine efficiency in TAP block or other type of block How to choose nurse anesthesia programs for personal development. Physical and mental effects comparison in children versus adults. Jan 19, 2015. A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics In Anesthesia To Consider. A dissertation can review ways of practice in one country versus another and make suggestions for better solutions.

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