wows großer kurfürst build

The rudder system was also designed with an explosive charge to detach the rudders in the event they became jammed. WoWs - Dark .

What do you do with the leftover point?

Expert Marksman +2.5 deg/sec to traverse speed of guns with a caliber up to 139mm. She lived up to her name when released, breaking the then long-standing stalemate of Yamato and Montana by simply entering into the fray.

It's really fun, the trouble with it is the opportunity cost... most people would agree you lose too much in a full secondary build for it to be viable, as you trade things that will save your ass (fire prevention, concealment, AA, more healing, etc) for a somewhat dubious damage increase, particularly if you go all-in on it. The main reason I didn't opt for MSA was that I often would have targets on both sides of me and I didn't like that MSA effectively silences half your guns.

Großer Kurfürst, after emptying her main barrels, supported by a fellow Großer Kurfürst and Prinz Eugen.

A game about huge boats. BoS, SI

Slap the meta upside the head. News. Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament Tightens dispersion of secondary batteries.-15% for Tier I-VI ships.-60% for Tier VII-X ships.Manually selected target only. Dispersion of main battery-7%. Max Salvo is the maximum number of guns a ship can fire at a single time.Ships with batteries placed down the centerline can get all of their guns firing on a target at one time.

Basics of Survivability (3) accelerates repairs of modules, firefighting, and recovery from flooding. As long as you accept that using this ship in clan or ranked battles isn’t as competitive as other T10’s, but that it’s hella fun otherwise, you will enjoy it. Air Supremacy -5% aircraft restoration time.

Equal Speed Charlie London+50% XP earned for the battle.

The build on my GK is based on as long as we are alive.

Aircraft Servicing Expert +5% to HP of carrier-based aircraft.-10% to servicing time of carrier-based aircraft.

Advanced Firing Training (4) extends the firing range of secondary battery guns.

However, despite her impressive offensive and defensive assets, much of it is a double edged sword, helping and harming depending on the situation. Great second-order skill for Battleships with slow-moving turrets; may be considered as a first-order skill. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1939 and the German-Soviet Commercial Agreement in 1940. Basic Firing Training -10% to reload time of main battery guns with a caliber up to and including 139mm and all secondary battery guns. Secondary build on Großer Kurfürst feels useless I dont know but i feel the only ship that benefit much from a Secondary build is Bismarck. Basilisk+75% XP earned for the battle.+30% credits earned for the battle. The large number of secondaries can easily blow destroyers out of the water.

Though the idea of this build is losing as much Hit Points as possible for boosting the reload I personally vote for this skill. The Construction Office of the OKM formally concluded their work on new battleships with the H-41 type and played no further role in battleship development. Her 406mm guns have a better reload rate than those found on Montana, but lack Montana’s super-heavy AP shells which hampers her penetration at range while also reducing her damage per shell.

She's more vulnerable at range than a lot of other battleships are, but she can definitely tank up close, especially if you have maximum fire prevention setup.

Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft+1 catapult aircraft.-20% to the speed of catapult aircraft. You unlocked Grosser Kurfurst at a very good time since there are free Commander Skill resets active until the 29th. If you want competitively optimal then go montana.

Also... who at WG do we need to talk to about a skin for GK that features a captain strapped to bungee cords from the top of the superstructure playing a flame throwing guitar, eh?

The German navy did not seriously consider construction on any of the designs, which were so large that they could not have been built in a traditional slipway. Any other skills are optional to preference but AFT is mandatory. My opinion? Mike Yankee Soxisix+5% to secondary battery maximum firing range.-5% to maximum dispersion of secondary battery shells.-5% to secondary battery loading time.

Because of the amount of broadside Großer Kurfürst has to show, she takes 10-30k salvos far more often than her contemporaries; the side benefit to this is that regular penetration damage heals back more than citadel damage when using Repair Party (). Adrenaline Rush (2) increases the reload speed of all armaments as the ship’s HP decreases.

All rights reserved.

Especially the part where it doesn't stack with Hydro (while vigilance does) is a big issue to me. Basic Firing Training (3) improves the effectiveness of secondary battery guns and AA mounts.

A triple bottom was also included in the design, the first time a feature was used in a German warship design. With guns.


WoWs - Space .

Großer Kurfürst can equip the following consumables: Type 1, 2, or 5 camouflage can be equipped for credits; Types 2 or 5 are recommended at a minimum to reduce the accuracy of incoming shells.

I run full secondaries myself and do decent with it. Expert Rear Gunner +10% to average damage per second of self-defense armament for aircraft with rear gunners. The Schiffsneubaukommission (New Ships Construction Commission), intended to liaise with Speer and the OKM, was created and placed under the direction of Admiral Karl Topp. BoS, SI The ships' armament was otherwise unchanged, apart from an increased number of 2 cm anti-aircraft guns, of which there were now to be 34.

Fuck the "meta" of sitting at 20km spamming HE, yoloing in a secondary BB as the tip of the spear is a lot of fun.

Sierra Mike+5% to the ship's maximum speed. Increases the efficiency of long-range AA mounts. An artist's interpretation of an H-class battleship by Richard Allison, One of the 40.6 cm guns at Batterie Lindemann.

PT The stern section of the torpedo bulkhead was also strengthened structurally to allow it to better contain the force of an underwater explosion. Demolition Expert+2% chance of HE shells causing a fire on target.+1% chance of rockets causing a fire on target.+5% chance of HE bombs causing a fire on target. Concealment Expert (4) reduces detectability by 10%. What I have seen however lately is that most people go with the secondary range module and don't invest too deeply into other, more specific skills in the case of German BBs.


3 - Nassau 4 - Kaiser 5 - König 6 - Bayern 7 - Gneisenau 8 - Bismarck 9 - Friedrich der Große 10 - Großer Kurfürst.

On the other hand, making a tradeoff between the secondary armament and survivability increases the ship’s survivability, but impacts the damage dealt by your secondary armament. With all Harugumo, Wooster, Smolensk, Colbert, Henri IV etc etc etc in the game, anything else then full tank build is ineffective. This is the time it takes for a torpedo to travel across its detectability range.


This leaves 6 points, one of which must be a tier 1 skill. If Alpha Strike is the one shot kill, DPM is the slow and steady burn.Light cruisers and gunboat destroyers, like the Soviet line, tend to have high DPMs. Evasive Maneuver-20% to detectability of strike aircraft when returning to the carrier.+75% to HP of strike aircraft when returning to the carrier.-30% to airspeed of strike aircraft when returning to the carrier. +0.7 deg/sec to traverse speed of guns with a caliber above 139mm.

Basic Firing Training -10% to reload time of main battery guns with a caliber up to and including 139mm and all secondary battery guns.

This is especially true for some Unique Japanese, USA, UK, French, Soviet and French Commanders, having the Master Marksman trait instead. Smoke Screen Expert +20% to the radius of the smoke screen. Großer Kurfürst spearheads the push, the friendly Baltimore in tow, her starboard secondaries already ripping into an enemy ship.

Since every Battleship has a Repair Party consumable this skill increases the number of Hit Points you can restore. These studies were abandoned in 1941 after Hitler decided to halt further battleship construction until after the end of the war.

This group was responsible for the design work that resulted in the H-42 type, as well as the subsequent designs. EM duh, JoAT's because AR's returns on already fast firing Secondaries is meh and you should be spending as much of the match as healthy as you can be (Heals on Cooldown (max queued damage of course)), BoS because fires are a problem on a brawler, SI duh.

A) Fire Prevention, Priority target and Preventative Maintenance for one less fire amidships and main battery reliability (Preventative Maintenance DOES NOT improve secondaries).

Also, who puts CE on a Kurryfurst? While she will almost never take citadel damage, her massive size and armor belt mean she will take higher-than-average normal regular penetration damage. FSC = (1 - (1-HE Fire Chance)^(Max Salvo*.4)), TRT = Detectability Range * 1000 / (Torpedo Speed * 2.6), Time taking to reach full power when accelerating, Range of guaranteed acquisition of ships (RGA). The recommended upgrades for Großer Kurfürst are as follows: In Upgrade Slot 2, the Special Upgrade Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 () is the preferred option for Großer Kurfürst as it extends her Hydroacoustic Search () action time by 24 seconds. Thanks for the suggestion. Witness! Either it uses only half of its guns, which is a major detriment as it has poor individual gun performance and relies on broadside weight to be competitive, or it gives flat broadside and just dies.

The 10% from BFT just isn't worth it. Wartime experience with the Scharnhorst class indicated that the torpedo-defense system was insufficiently strong to protect the H-39 design from underwater damage.

The good news is that the selection of some secondary armament-focused skills also increases the AA efficiency.

At close range, the trade off is well worth it when Großer Kurfürst takes a 10k-30k salvo while other battleships are destroyed in a single salvo right into their citadels.

The rudder system was also designed with an explosive charge to detach the rudders in the event they became jammed. A not-so-good skill for ordinary Commanders since the reload time on Battleships is too long and the 50% reduction of time is insufficient to make an impact on play. Inertia Fuse for HE Shells (4) Improves the armor penetration capacity of HE shells fired from both main and secondary battery guns. Aircraft ArmorReduces continuous damage to aircraft in all AA defense zones. The loss of Bismarck in May 1941 also influenced the design; two large skegs were added to the outboard shafts to protect them and increase support for the stern while in drydock. Most decisions should based on your playing style. As per standard for German battleships starting from Bismarck, Großer Kurfürst is equipped with the Hydroacoustic Search () consumable to help detect incoming threats such as torpedoes and destroyers attempting to get close or vessels hiding in smoke screens. Mod Slot.

Since tier IX and X British Battleships Lion and Conqueror have a special Repair Party consumable capable of restoring an unbelievable amount of Hit Points, this greatly impacts the selection of Commander Skills for these ships. This skill greatly increases the survivability of Battleships and Large Heavy Cruisers in World of Warships. Superintendent +1 additional charge to all consumables mounted on a ship.

Basics of Survivability -15% to time of repair, fire extinguishing, and recovery from flooding.

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